Bill died in the civil war in the south-east of Ukrainein the thousands and thousands of wounded, tens and hundreds of thousands of refugees.

People in Ukrainesuffer from despotism power and rabid nationalism.

The Government of Ukraine for the genocide of the Russian language and Russian-language prevailing in the country of the population - uses basest sort of nationalist sentiment and thereby expand the conflict.

At the same time the UN have forgotten what fascism forgotten World War II.

UN - waiting for the celebration of slavery, the death of people and extending the war

In conflict stakeholders in Ukrainegradually drawn mercenaries from European countries, Russiaand the United States, and through them their sympathizers country.

Today, the UN does not justify for undertaking the peacekeeping mission.

UNPO not have to watch from the sidelines as a war going on, as people are dying.

UNPO obliged proactive and alive to participate in international conflicts and to extinguish pockets of tension. UN nations should bear the fruits of democracy the world, and not be "castrated eunuch slaves" from their governments.

UN must immediately enter the peacekeeping forces in the conflict zone in Ukrainebetween the warring parties. In order to save the lives of more people alive.


Vladimir Garmatyuk